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   The beginning of the century is a time of revolutions in art, in architecture, a time for the development of cinematography. Dreams and hopes associated with scientific achievements were about the happy future of a new generations. The heralds of the “Great Utopia” - poets and artists saw mirages of the cities of the future in the form of a kind of Megapolis, a city of happiness. The revolution of the spirit was a departure from reality and everyday life, from the attraction of the earth, in the dematerialization of space and spirit. And everything was already painted by Russian avant-garde artists of the 20s, but dreams have crashed into everyday life, having broken up in repetitions around the world. Illusions and dreams, designed for real life, embodied in the cinema, and by the end of the century acquired a new quality, virtual space, world and the universe. The "Dream Factory" has become a part of our real life. The invented city directly grows from the inner space. This is the "Dream Factory" - a spectacle factory and a sight in itself. Factory style literally suggests itself. This is a multifunctional space with a large number of spectacular halls, studios, playgrounds and restaurants. This is the factory of the virtual world of the new time - “New Babylon”. The architectural basis is clear constructions, open communications, non-camouflaged equipment, many lighting effects. Reception of registration of various premises - studio and theatrical. The main principle is to combine the incompatible, the Soviet with the American, the classics and the avant-garde, the real and the unreal. Chaos turns into art if it touches the hand of the artist.




The modern image of the city of a mirage is expressed in structure - a kind of computer graphics in the space of the sky.



Aluminum-cable-stayed, spatially rigid, on four independent supports.




Software with holographic effects.