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   The ensemble of the monastery is divided into three functional and semantic zones: patriarchal chambers, a hotel and fraternal cells. The main temple of the monastery in the name of St. Prince Vladimir and the Patriarchal chambers located to the west of it. The hotel building, designed to receive high social guests, is separated from cells and church by a road. The fraternal cells of the monastery are located far from the Patriarchal chambers and are located at St. Lakes. Thus, all three parts of the monastery: Patriarchal chambers, a hotel and fraternal cells, uniting in a single ensemble, retain their autonomy. The composition of the ensemble of the new monastery monastery is based on a program designed to create a symbolic image of Holy Russia. Its semantic center is the church of St. Vladimir, whose architectural forms should indicate the time of the enlightenment of Russia with the light of the Orthodox faith. The thrones of the two chapels located in the choirs are dedicated to St. Princess Olga, who was the first of the princely house to receive St. Baptism, and to St. princes and martyrs Boris and Gleb, the first canonized Russian saints. The throne of the domestic church in the Patriarch's chambers, consecrated in the name of All Saints In The Land Of Russia Shone symbolically associated with the program of dedication of the church to St. Vladimir. On the site of the deacon's house will be located the chapel of the Saints of Moscow, marking with their dedication the canonical succession of the primates of the Russian Church. The historical path of Russian Orthodoxy, spreading from the shores of Kiev Pochayna river to Moscow land, will be emphasized in the architectural forms of the house church, reminiscent of the churches of the era of the Moscow Kingdom. The composition of fraternal cells, set “quadrangular” on the model of ideal сenobia, should emphasize, firstly, the solitude of monastic work, and secondly, mark the image of Heaven Jerusalem, the earthly icon of which was the monastery. In one of the buildings of the fraternal cells there will be a curch for the brotherhood dedicated to Sts. Anthony and Theodosius - the heads of the monastic life in Russia.